This summer, we are finally bringing back the Zouk Needs You Bootcamp with Val & Vanessa in Slovakia. Dive deep into their zouk methodology during this 40 hours of training with them.

After 2 years break we are back with the bootcamp this summer in a new location.

Next edition: July 15th – July 24th, 2022

Location: Košice, Slovakia

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Check out videos from our ZNY Bootcamp in Slovakia 2019

This year the bootcamp will take place in beautiful city of Kosice 

15th – 24th July, 2022

Kukučínova 2
Košice, Slovakia

40 hours of zouk training with Val and Vanessa divided into 3 parts:

Block I – 16th – 17th July 2022 (first 10 hours of the Bootcamp)

Block II – 18th – 22nd July 2022 (next 20 hours of the Bootcamp)

Block III – 23rd – 24th July 2022 (additional 10 hours of Advanced training)

Block I + Block II = the main Bootcamp as you know it from previous editions. There will be 5 hours of classes per day and we will have one day off during the week for a beautiful trip together. The only reason we are dividing it into two parts is that we want to make it possible for people who cannot participate in the whole training to join the first two days which are happening during the weekend, so it is easier to join.

Block III = this is the additional 10 hours of training for Advanced dancers. The selection/approval process will be announced soon.

There will be social dancing and practice sessions during the Bootcamp.

ATTENTION!! This year, it is not an all-inclusive event. Each participant will have to take care of their accommodation and food during the bootcamp. We will post some recommendations once we have the location sorted out.

This bootcamp is not suitable for complete beginners and shouldn’t be a replacement of your regular study of zouk dance. This bootcamp should complement your studies of zouk.

Block I = 95 €
Blocks I + II = 350 €
Blocks I + II + III = 450 €

This year we do not have early bird price, but we do offer a few passes with discounted prices for dancers who cannot afford to pay the full price (especially applicable for people from Slovakia, Poland, Romania, etc. where salaries are lower than in other Europian countries). Feel free to write to us asking for a discout if this is too much for you!

To register, please fill in the form:

To reach, you can use Kosice (KSC) airport. There are a few direct flights to Kosice – from Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, London Luton, London Stansted, Dublin and Dusseldorf.
If you cannot connect with these flights, you can also use airports in Krakow and Budapest and then use the transfer option to Kosice.

Val and Vanessa, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are known in the zouk world for their fun and entertaining way of teaching. Emphasising the importance of proper basics in the dance, they make the learning of zouk easy and joyful for everyone. They have been working together since 2015 and are constantly working on perfecting the Zouk Needs You methodology which you will discover during the bootcamp.

ZNY Bootcamp is european version of ZNY Course which Val and Vanessa are orginising annually in their home town – Rio de Janeiro.

Zouk Needs You Bootcamp has been an eye opener for many zouk dancers and most of them are coming back because you can never get enough of Valnessa 

So don’t think twice, the spots for the bootcamp are limited and you don’t want to miss on this one 

We are looking forward to seeing you!